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Wedding cake vs Dessert table...

So dessert tables are becoming more and more popular but is that the right way to go for you? Loads of weddings now are all about you and what you want rather than old school traditions of things that you think you "should have" or white iced and marzipan fruit cakes.

Which if that is what you want then thats amazing and then thats the end of that. The whole point about weddings that I consistently reiterate to my customers is "What actually is it that the 2 of you want?"

So many people go to weddings and after the cake is cut its taken away and people don't get to try it - the stress this gives me as a cake maker is crazy! The cake is usually set up somewhere thats a big focus point and then gets cut by the bride and groom, and then gets left there and forgotten about which as a cake maker is the worst.

Plus what about if you don't wanna follow those traditions? What if you don't wanna have whole part of your day dedicated to cutting a cake? Or what if you don't even want a cake?

What about if we change tradition and make our own new ones and decide that actually, let's change it up completely and go for a dessert table?

So lets look at all the pros and cons for going for a dessert table

  • You get so much more choice! I offer so many cake flavours but at one flavour per tier you're still limited in comparison. Everyone loves different things and you can cater so much more with different choices of mini versions of cakes and bakes

  • You can chat with your venue and compromise on having the dessert table as part of the wedding breakfast. This allows for different budgets and costs per head and is more exciting to pick and mix from rather than a cake

  • It's something different! Completely unique to you guys and is a feature that will stand out and be memorable about your big day

  • Dessert tables are something that are getting bigger and bigger in the world of cakes and bakes and there are examples out there that suit all weddings whether they're for 10 or 100 there's ways of creating exactly what you want

  • It's a talking point for your guests, everyone loves to see something different at a wedding and it'll get people chatting to each other about it

  • Dietary requirements become so much easier to cater for in smaller portions of different items so no one ends up missing out whether they have an intolerance or dietary preference

  • Dessert tables require more thinking because of the kind of desserts that you can pick from. There's certain things like cheesecakes for example, that can't be sat out for long periods of time. If you're desperate to include your favourites that are things that are made with fresh cream, a great supplier will be able to work around delivery so that timings all flow as you need them to, if it's part of your wedding breakfast or not.

  • Working out how to display all of these individual types of desserts. How will they all be styled? Cakes need one cake stand but what about things like brownie towers, macarons or donuts? It might mean thinking about a range of plates and stands to show everything off, but again your supplier and venue should be able to help out with this. If it's done right and well it'll look incredible, styling of things like cakes can be so underestimated but when done well the wow factor is amazing

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