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How we made this cake

We made a dessert table this weekend!

It was for a baby shower for my sister in law. She gave me no guidelines - which is stressful when you know someone and you're a control freak. But i'm so glad she let me do what I wanted to.

I've not made a Lambeth style cake before. I've done them as heart shaped but not full on like this one. So it had to be this!

I love piping as well so it's about time i got stuck in with it.

I knew everything was gonna be pink and those cakes are so pretty whatever colours you make but I think theres just something about them when they're pink.

I used the nozzles 1M, 2D, 0.50 and 32. I used a mix of sugar flair, wilton and colour mill colours for the cake and cookies.

I could of made donuts but life is too short especially for just 9!

The cake flavour was red velvet and cookies were white chocolate chip. It was an 8 inch cake and there were so many left overs the cakes gonna be eaten until the baby's here!

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