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Is it okay to order cake that isn't birthday cake?

Let me explain...

I had this question last week and my answer is

Birthday cake never has to be cake!

Why does it? Who says so?

If you don't want a cake or fancy something different theres so many options!

Choosing between these options is a decision I wouldn't wanna be making so let me help you out in time for your next birthday celebration.

Brownies and blondies

Stack em, present them in a box, pick up one or 2 from in store, dipping boxes, mix and match flavours and products, the choice is yours.

Brownies are what we're known for. Crackly top, thick and gooey consistency and a free from option?! Blondies are more and more popular as time goes on and it's always so close when i ask what's better a brownie or a blondie?


Is there anything better than a pudding? Especially when you get to add custard, cream or ice cream - (all 3 is the actual answer)

Loads of flavours to pick from, hot or cold and no icing for anyone that isn't a fan!


Or even cookie dough! We're big here on your bake your way and we're big believers of that cookies are for every day, especially birthdays.

Whatever you go for, it'll better if its Mad Batter. We bake and create bakes that you would actually wanna eat. Bright colours, fun designs, incredible flavours and we are all over it. And we can do it free from but so that actually tastes like you'd expect it to or how you remember.

​I've been called a gluten free cake goddess and a cake wizard. I'll take both but i'll let you decide for yourself how good you think the bakes are if free from is your thing. And if it isn't then aren't you the lucky one.

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