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Tell me about wholesale

What can I get? Where can I get it? Tell me everything!

So recently I had an instagram message that said "I didn't know you did wholesale, where is it and what can I get?" so if they don't know they won't be the only one so I thought lets put it in a blog post to be on the website forever!

Side note - there is a whole website page about wholesale here as well if you wanna check that out.

We have been approached by all of our suppliers about stocking with them which makes me so proud of the business that's been created and the products that are available.

You can find us at

Budgens Great Ashby - Stevenage. They stock our blondies and brownies and have 3 of each flavour of those in weekly.

Budgens Walkern, Watton at Stone and Meppershall stores. These stores are restocked every Thursday and stock brownies, blondies, cookies, old school cake slices and chocolate cake slices. They also stock our fizzy and classic pic n mix bags.

De Ja Brew. They stock our brownies and blondies over the weekend from their mobile Coffee Box located in Rowney Warren Woodland

Royal oak - Kusina de manila. Our latest stockist. They stock our free from gluten chocolate brownies on their dessert menu and they'll be more to come soon!

Where else do you wanna see us stocked?!

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