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But what is it actually "free from"

Let's talk free from.

I don't know how many of you know the back story of TMB but it free from baking that got me here.

Being someone thats eaten a lot of gluten free products, I never understood why anyone would want anything that you knew was actually free from.

Cake is meant to be cake.

No matter what ingredients it does or doesn't have, to me that is the worst possible outcome.

Because why would anyone ever wanna eat anything that they knew was free from?!

No one wants to eat anything they can tell has something missing from it, or something that has a different taste or texture.

Or to settle for something they don't really want, because they feel they have to.

And that's kind of how this started.

I wanted to create something that tasted just like cake. That people would never know was free from gluten or dairy or soy or even vegan. And anyone that knows me knows that this when I decide to do something that is it, I can never let it go.

I mean it's pretty extreme to build a business out of it but here we are.

So we are only free from certain ingredients. These ingredients are replaced for others and that is it.

There's never any compromise on flavour, design or style. Never free from fun, colour or excitement and as inclusive as any other cake or bake you can find.

So if you're free from you're after, you'll always be in safe hands at TMB knowing that ...

  • treats can be ordered to your exact specification, ideas and designs

  • you'll never miss out at a celebration again - i can't get over how many stories i've heard where the main meal is literally just salad leaves or dessert is just fruit - i'm all for fruit but it's not a dessert is it

  • you won't have to put up with people saying "Oh i'd never eat anything vegan/gluten free/dairy free" as they're trying the cake you've ordered to meet your requirements and then they eat their words

  • never free from the important things - texture, flavour, design, taste and colour!

Take a look at these ones below, they're some of my free from favourites

And just incase you need anymore convincing - don't just take it from me, have a read of what these guys have to say

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