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Why i'll never copy another baker's work

Not so much anymore but when i was quite new to the cake industry, a lot of the time when i had enquiries it would come with a lot of images of other bakers work that customers were adamant that the images they showed me it would have to be that exact cake that I would have to recreate. When I started out i did a few of these but I fell out of love with it so quickly.

This might be an unpopular opinion but it becomes so boring. One of the best parts of this job is how creative you can be. So as amazing as everyone else's work is, I always want the opportunity to show off what i can do and the skills that i've learnt.

Of course everyone takes inspiration from things they see or other people's work. But to completely copy it will never be for me. One of the reasons I still do cakes and not wholesale completely, is because I love to be able to bring all of your ideas together and put them together. It's the best feeling seeing everyone's reactions to what i've created. That will always feel really special. Whether it's a cake for your wedding, birthday or just because it's Friday, the reaction and feeling never change.

And that is a big reason as to why I created my own range of cakes. It's one of the most exciting things i've ever done as well.

Easy to order, ready to go as quick as the same week sometimes and all my own designs. Here's a few that are from the website and some that are completely custom.

What are your thoughts on custom cakes? Would you trust your cake maker completely to be able to come up with what you wanted?

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