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The difference between cake maker and cake designer

I never really know what to call myself. Cake maker. Cake decorator. Baker. None of them felt right or like a fit. So eventually we went with Head Cake Taster. Something fun and that fit with the TMB brand. But if you ask me or I have to fill a form in about my occupation i'd probably write one of the terms mentioned above. Before writing this, I would 100% say I am not a cake designer. But after starting to write this blog i'd say that maybe there's part of me that is.

But whats the difference?!

So the definitions that i'd go with for both of these are:

Cake maker

  • Bakes + decorates the cake

  • Follows cake trends

  • Replicates other people’s cake work, as requested by the client but adds their own spin on it

  • Follows cake trends (rather than experimenting and creating original ideas

Cake designer

  • Designs an original cake for the client from scratch including sketches sent to the client first

  • Seeks inspiration from other industries

  • Utilises design elements and principles to create something that gives the WOW factor

And i can say that i'm definitely more the second. However i do design cakes i guess. Just not in the traditional way. I'll never offer you a sketch of your final design the way that most cake designers would. Because you would have no idea what it is that i'd of sent you. I can just about hold a pencil properly, let alone draw anything. I'd honestly mess up a stick man.

It wouldn't be a part of the job that i'd enjoy, and the best part of being self employed is that you get to do exactly what you love and choose to not do what you don't - most of the time, i cant say that washing up and wrapping are my absolute faves.

But the more I think about it TMB is all about 2 things :

Big colours + Bold flavours.

And maybe that's why i'm a bit of a mix of both. Your design will always have those elements, but I love that it comes together in my mind and then the customer gets the surprise every time.

How amazing that a customer loves your work so much that they'll put that much trust into you. Especially for things like weddings.

Unpopular opinion : sketches are overrated and designing can mean whatever you want it to

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