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What makes the best celebration cake?

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

And is there a one size fits all answer?

This week it's all about celebration cakes. I often hear "I want it to be the best cake. I want them to love it and it be exactly what they want!" Which is always really exciting because of course I want you guys to love what I can make for you as much as I do. And I find that even though all the cakes are different - the same way that all the people that order them are different or they're for different events - it always comes down to the same things :

First up lets talk flavour + texture!

Flavour is so important. I even based a range of cakes that are ready to order on the website around the most popular flavours. I always want flavour to be one of the exciting things about the cake. Flavour overload is super important and should be one of the best things about your cake.

Also texture might be a funny thing to mention but if you order a free from cake or you've ever tried one you'll know why i've said that. Super important for your cake to have the best texture and be light and fluffy and not grainy and so that you can tell that it's free from.

Next up it's all about design

The design is usually what customers come to me with before anything else. It's super important to know exactly what you want or what elements you'd like to bring together.

Whether thats your cake being centred around flavour, or a theme for an event, or a favourite thing. It's important to think about things like colour, piping, if you want the cake to have a drip, toppers and extras like gold leaf. Sometimes the simple ones are the best ones but there's been some over the top ones that i'll always be obsessed with!

The extras always tie it all in together and give it that wow factor as they each get added.

Maybe the most important point ...

listening to your cake maker

There are certain things that I will always say no to. Mainly because if i don't do something well, then I'd rather leave that to someone who has those skills and that can do it well rather than do it and it not look like something that i'd be 100% happy with. So if you were to come to me and ask for fondant and sugar paste, i'll never say yes because I can't do that as well as others. I'd much rather create something one of a kind, bespoke to you and something that I can do well.

I'd say that point doesn't even just go as far as design it goes for things like how to look after and transport your cake to make sure that the cake arrives perfectly and looks exactly as you want it to for your event.

They're the top 3 things i'd say are the most important, let me know what else you think should be a non - negotiable for the best celebration cake

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