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IMagine if ...

  •  you could finally order a mixed box of all your favourite products from us

  • your dietary requirements didn’t stop you from enjoying the same products as everyone else

  • you could be stocked up for a whole months with the treats of your choice that are exclusive to you and not available to anyone else

Free from cake used to be the absolute worst...

I remember eating gluten free cake in the early 00’s it would almost always resemble the texture of washing up sponge. I knew I could change this. I’ve always baked ever since I can remember. I used to bake a lot because it would make me feel less anxious when I had something to do that I loved to concentrate on. And never one to shy away from a challenge, I thought I'm gonna do this and make free from taste great.

Spoiler alert... I did. And took it to the next level. I was so bored of hearing the same stories, fed up of putting up with it rubbish desserts and I was so over bland, boring and beige all whilst knowing I could create something to give people exaclty what they wanted.

Bright colours, bold flavours and feeling inclusive? Nailed it. This means that everything we make is available in countless gluten free, vegan and dairy free options as standard at no extra cost.

And if you're not free from we cover that too! 





  1. Are you...

  • sick of feeling like your dietary restrictions and requirements stop you from enjoying what it feels like everybody else does? 

  • fed up of not being able to access cake that tastes exactly like cake rather than something you can tell is free from?

  • someone who wants a bit of excitement delivered through their door each month just for them?

  • over snacks that are boring bland and over priced? 

  • looking for something to order so that you're stocked up on the best treats for a whole month at a time - whether you have dietary requirements or not ?

  • waiting to be able to order a mixture of products of all your favourite products from us? 









I am a huge believer in that you shouldn't ever need a reason, special occasion or excuse to eat and enjoy cakes and bakes and I imagine you are too if you're here and reading this, the smart cookie that you are.

Being gluten free, I knew how important it was for everyone to have exactly what they wanted with no compromise being gluten free, vegan or dairy free I've got you covered. 

When I created​ The Mad Batter, I knew I wanted it to be all about bold flavours, bright colours and delicious bakes that would bring joy to events and individuals alike, offering a personal experience that is inclusive of any dietary needs. And that was even before I stepped foot in the kitchen. 

It took a long time but I created my own recipes and then used them in all of the bakes that you can order know and love.

It is always time for cake so I create cakes and bakes for weddings, events, birthdays, celebration and stocked wholesale too. Oh and sometimes theres cakes just because. I think that they might even be some of the best ones.

So what was next after producing all the online shop products and the celebration cakes?

A subscription box relaunch of course!

How did we get here...



Amazing!! My husband is a chef and I've been gluten free for over 10 years so we know a thing or two about cooking / baking gluten free. For his birthday, I contacted Stacey very last minute. I was originally going to bake the cake myself but I'm so glad I didn't! Quite honestly the best gluten free chocolate cake I've ever had. Wow!! Stacey was quick to answer any questions I had and was just really great throughout. I will definitely re-order. Highly recommend!


The best brownies ever for my birthday so I was quick to add another order. Absolutely delicious I haven't found any like it just heaven. I would definitely recommend 100% to any one having second thoughts go on place the order! Dairy and gluten free. Also very adaptable with dietary requirements and excellent communication. Replies to you queries very quickly


I’ve bought the brownies from Budgens a couple of times now and they do not disappoint! Always a good variety of flavours/toppings and they’re always so fresh and yummy! I was delighted to find cake cups on my last visit too so I had to have one and it lived up to the hype! I’m so excited for the restock this week, just hope I get there in time before it all flies off the shelf! Lovely customer service and also love that it’s GF - I’m not GF but I have a friend who is and I’m going to buy one for her!

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  • Who wouldn't want their own selection of cakes, bakes and treats through the door each month?! 

  • Sent out the week before payday to get you through the longest week of the month every month 

  • The option to sign up for either a 3 month or 6 months subscription

Come on then... Whats in the box!?

So each month you will receive 

  • a brownie tray - worth £10

  • a blondie tray - worth £10

  • 2 cake pots - worth £8

  • a recipe card for you to get your TMB bake on in your home kitchen - worth £3

Everything in the box will be inclusive of your dietary requirements. And there are exclusive cake and bake flavours that are only available through the subscription service 


These was utterly delicious. The only issue we had is the actual fight myself, my partner and our child had with who gets what and who had the bigger slices! Highly highly reccomend for any occasion or infact, no occasion at all other than #treatyourself


So I messaged The Mad Batter only a couple of days before my brothers birthday looking for something (wasn't sure whether I wanted a cake or brownies ect) and Stacey was so helpful, giving me all the information I needed to make this choice! Its so rare to find a gluten free vegetarian/vegan cake local that actually tastes so moist and delicious! Theres so many options to choose from and the product is simply beautiful, looks amazing and so professional for such a reasonable price!
Will definitely be returning!
Thank you so much, again.


I can't rate The Mad Batter's Baked Goods highly enough. From the start, speaking to Stacey who was so lovely and approachable, to promptly receiving gluten free treats. The kinder blondies and mini egg cookies were amazing, and you couldn't tell they were gluten free to my non-coeliac family members. Thank you! 100% buying again soon.


Each box is £27 a month including p+p with the option to pay in full and save 10% on a 3 month subscription and 20% on a 6 month subscription


How do the flavour rotations work?

There are 8 flavours of each brownie, blondie and cake pot to choose from. Some are exclusive and can only be found in our subscription boxes and you can only get cake pots in our subscription boxes!

You pick flavours for 3 boxes and these are the flavours for your 3 month subscription, if you choose to sign up for 6 months these flavours are repeated 

How often will i recieve my box 

Boxes are sent monthly, the week before payday when everyone need a treat! Boxes are sent out for 3 months or for 6 months depending on the subscription length you choose 

Free from products are so much more expensive usually why isn't that the case at TMB?

The majority of the time being free from isn't a choice and that shouldn't mean that you pay more for something you can't control.There was a lot of time spent making sure that all of the the products across our classic, free from gluten and vegan range were all priced as fairly as they could be whilst using premium products to ensure that everyone can access the products for the same cost 

Why haven't you launched already? i can't wait any longer!

TMB did previously have a subscription service that ran from 2017 but I knew it could be bigger and better so the perfect time is now! 

Let's do this!
Remember it's always time for cake