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2023 lets go!

Being here is gonna be one of the best decisions you've ever made...

Back in 2016 I decided that I was sick of gluten free cake and dessert options tasting like they were, well .... gluten free.

I am not here for this, and I don't think anyone is either. Except I'm pretty sure no one else let their train of thought get to

"I wonder if I can bake a gluten free cake and make it taste like an actual cake"

And then turn it into a business. Lucky for you lot that is exactly what i did.

I'm Stacey, Head cake taster here at TMB. Our business why - all the fine print - is :

"Creative cake designs and delicious bakes that bring joy to events and individuals alike, offering a personal experience that is inclusive of any dietary needs"

What that really means is that we bake and create cakes that you would actually wanna eat. Bright colours, fun designs, incredible flavours and we are all over it. And we can do it free from but so that actually tastes like cake.

I've been called a gluten free cake goddess and a cake wizard. I'll take both but i'll let you decide for yourself how good you think the bakes are.

I made my own wedding cake last year - and do not stop banging on about it - take a look for yourself and find out why

We've won awards for being the best food and drink producer in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, are stocked wholesale - click here to find out where - use all of our own recipes and are the creators of probably the best brownie you'll ever eat.

If you've gotten to the bottom of this page :

1 . well done for getting this far

2. what are you still doing reading this without placing an order?! Come on lets do this

And that's all there is the know really. All the important stuff anyway. Lemme know if there's anything you'd love to see on here. Recipes, FAQs or just my general waffling about all things cakes.

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